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Brick Battle Rules

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  #in a game of brick battle anything could happen#
 To set up for a good game, you will build a place out of pbb's wich may include
but is not limeted to... caves,castles,lakes,trenches,trees,mountains,farms,or anything
else you could imagine. You will then assemble an army of minnifigs or other toys that
are to scale. You will also need a good supply of dice, mostly D6s but also any other
manner of dice that you can get as they may be needed for more complex situations.
These are the things you will need to play, however there are a great multitude of other
things you may find usefull. These include extra pbbs for anything that may come up,
a note book for keeping track of hits and points that are hard to remember,some snacks
in case you get hungry (I recommend nachos). You may also want a good supply of poker
chips to representing magikal things, pips for counting down to a certain event and of
course a nice big table so you dont have to lie on the floor. You will of course need
an opponent these are very numerous and yet sometimes reluctant to play but I'm sure you
will find somebody and may even start a club for playing pbb games. these rules dont cover
everything so should something come up just use your common sense. however these thinds are
usualy stupid like seing where a dead body falls so dont try to figgure it out unless that
dead body falls on a switch or something.
  @>the minnifig<@
 MFS come in many different shapes and sizes but regardless of what manufacturer
they come from they can be used for a game of brick battle. However, the best ones are
made by lego whom is not affiliated in any way to brick battle. these MFS come in
manny species but they are all equally bloodthirsty. The majority of these figs come in
6,robed figs, midgets/dwarfs,jar jars,ewoks,and orks. These are listed from
the most docile man to the evil orks. Then there are animals like alligators,spiders,dogs,
octopuses,sharks,scorpions,parrots,snakes and horses as well as dinosaurs and many other
types. The differences and classes of each species will be covered in a different
  @>traps and secrets<@
 Anyone who has ever watched a good action movie knows that suprises are the
most entertaining part. Well the same goes for this game, so it is a good idea for the
person who built the set to be a "god" of sorts and not actually play except for animals
villagers, armys of the living dead wich pop up from the ground and booby traps. Some
ideas for traps and stuff is to have axes swingig from the ceiling or to have a prebuilt
sewer system only accessible from certain areas. Also you could theme your game on
collecting ancient relics and hide them everywere.

  #ok now we get down to the rules as you should be done with the set up part now #
 weapons come in a large variety of kinds but I will try to list them all.
Name                 Power Rating           # of Dice              Cost
sword                         3                      1d6                  2cp
claymore                     4                      1d6                  3cp
dagger                        1                      1d6                  1cp
lance*                         6                      1d6                  5cp
spear*                         3                      1d6                 2cp
pike*                          8                      1d6                  6cp
pitchfork                    2                      1d6                  2cp
war ax                       4                      1d6                  3cp
double bladed ax        6                      2d6                  7cp
hachet                       2                      1d6                  1cp
katana                       5                      1d6                  4cp
cutlas                        4                      1d6                  3cp
hammer                     1                      1d6                  1cp
bow**                         3                      1d6                  2cp
repeating crossbow**  4                      2d6                  6cp
scythe                       10                      1d6                  9cp
enchanted weapon***  10                      1d6                 11cp
improvised weapon     1                      1d6                  0cp
wand***                      7                      1d6                  8cp
hands                         1                      1d6                  0cp
mace                         6                      1d6                  4cp
*= weapon can be charged with
**= weapon is ranged
***= magic rules apply ________________________________________________________________________________________
  @>melee combat<@
 In order to start melle combat, two MFS must be able to touch each other with
their weapons. You take whatever you rolled and multiply it by the weapons power rating.
The MF with the higher score kills other MF.inless, the other minni fig has armour in
witch case he might still live. The other Mf is buried and removed from
game area but his weapons and armour and remain for other figs to use should they need it.
OPT RULE: The people who have lost the game early may play a mini game with deadfigs in
Vallhala while waiting for the game to end.
  @>The minnifig (continued)<@
 Alright now that you have read this far this will make more sense
MF Type             Strength           Cost
man\woman             1-5              6cp
robed figure             1-6              7cp
midget                    1-6              8cp
jar-jars                   1-4              5cp
ewoks                     1-6              5cp
orks                       1-9             11cp
hero                      1-10            12cp
giant                     1-15            20cp
 man: normal MF weak cheap comparible to nerds,slaves,polititions
 robed fig: stronger MF comparible to people who work out, football players
        midget: crazy midget dual weilds weapons: comparable to pro wrestlers
 jar-jars: aliens fairly weird comparable to: snake people im'ers
 ewoks: midgets exept only purpose is to kill comparable to bears,goblins
 orks: inhuman strength rare comparable to: arnold scwartznagger,supperman
 hero: one per army tells people what to do comparable to: a greek god
 giants: huge strong kills lots of stuff
  @>minifig upgrade classes<@
 these are optional upgrades that are very usefull to personaliZe armys equip
is just suggested equipment actual cp cost is {mf cost+upgrade cost+weapon cost}
beserker: goes crazy against enemy:equip:dual weild weps under 6,midget upgrade is 6cp  
musketeer: use a pistol and cuttlas usefull for napolianic battles upgrade 1cp   
calvaryman: mount mf on an animal big enough give charging or ranged weapon  cost:12cp
gaurd: gaurds places equip with pike or crossbow cost: 8cp
pirate: equip with cuttlas and or musket can pilot boats cost is 8 cp       
crossbowman: skillfull with crossbow equip crossbow cost: 4cp  
skeleton: undead mf  equip with anything but is killed if hit at all cost 1 cp   
mutant: jarjar or ewok with strength to carry weapons 1-9 cost 10cp
knight: same as a calvaryman except elite and full armour and equip with
        claymore and sheild        
bowman: skillfull with a bow so equip one cost 1cp        
woman: basically same as a man but scares easily usefull for : distractions cost 0cp         
shocktrooper: equip with weapons 6 and up to smack enemys upgrade 5cp
man at arms: equip with sword and sheild makes up bulk of medieval armys add 2 cp 
peasent: mostly builds stuff:equip pitchfork or shovel  cost is -2 cp
oficer: commands squads:equip any weapon 3-6 man: upgrade cost 6cp       
wizard:  casts spells: equip: wand,robed fig,wiz hat: upgrade cost 20cp
 each minifig can move 6 inches
 mounted minifigs move 10 inches
        seige weapons move the speed of whats pushing them
 animals too small to be mounted by an MF move 4 inches a turn
 giants move 8 inches a turn
 to find out if a spell works you must roll a d10 with a wizard
        a result of 7 8 or 9 is a hit. THE POKER SHIPS ARE FOR SPELL RADIUS
  combat spells
 illusion magic: white poker chip
        fire magic: red poker chip
        water magic: blue poker chip
any other spell is considered a charm and should be decided by all players voting
to decide if it is fair then role your d10.
 For the game of brick battle campaining is simply a series of battles
usually once a month. The usual number of games per campagn is 6. Here is an
example of a campagn settup but yours could be much different.
game 1: scouting party(1) ambushes a well gaurded trade caravan(2)

game 2: (2) invades the country of (1) and trys to breech main wall

game 3: local tribes and (1) reinforcements arrive slaughtering (2)

game 4: team (1) launches invasion and conquers team (2)

game 5: scattered squads of (2) offer resistance

game 6: (3) and remaining (2) take back the capital of (2)
 So that was a fairly good campaign if you want to have  a caimpaign you should
develop a story and armys should be divided into squads of all one kind you may wish to
color code armys. All deaths in a unit should be tallied as they are now dead. Each game
you get 2 squads of reinforce ments and each team starts off with one squad. squads
should be about 6 minnifigs in size. when campaigning cool things are bound to happen.
When a certain mf does something really cool he becomes a character and can now weild
anything and needs a new name such as {Alex the Assasin for a minnifig who just killed
a hero and 5 normal minifigs before being noticed by the gaurds.}
 to set up for a champaing you must decide what time period you are playing
these rules are for bronze, stone, dark, medevil, and renisance ages. if you want to
play napolianic, ww2, modern or future these rules wont work very well for you.
  @>crazy stuff<@
 You are playing with construction toys so crazy stuff will happen so go ahead,
create an army of evil bunnys bent on world domination. Explode everything. Build
your selfa skyskraper. Include nerds who if killed will prevent the creation of
leggos therefore making everyone lose, or almost anything else. Should you feel
the need to make a peace treaty and build a brighter, next brick based game go ahead,

  @>the art of non combat<@
 we use non combat in brick battle to show what our mini figs are doing however
if you so feel the need to you may have a senario were the most well built and economic
city by the end of 30 turns you may although it takes an ubseenly long time and
is normaly only done by girls and people who are realy bored. however i included it
anyway. so that the less bloodthirsty people can have fun too.
The art of non combat is comunly used in brick battle the difficulty of a task
is a number 1-6 and to see if a minifig acomplishes his task you must roll at or higher
than the difficulty rateing with a d6. obviousely fo a lvl 1 task you dont need to
roll the dice because you get it no matter what.
here are some examples but not all so just confer with other players to decide on other
tasks difficulty.
lvl 1: opening doors, walking, talking, operating hand weppons, jumping
lvl 2: playing chess, folding clothes, operating computers, building a house, picking up
a brick
lvl 3: starting a sustained fire, digging a fox hole, kowledge test for seige weppons
lvl 4: ability to drive a car, skatebaording, getting detention from a lama
lvl 5: dodgeing bullets/arrows lifting twice mfs weight
lvl 6: fixing car engines, tripping a giant, performing brain surgery


  @>common buildings<@
 just a list of medevil buildings that a game may include and whether the building
 gives shelter from ranged weapons or not. mostly to give ideas for building.

 type                             shelter                
  dwelling place----------------yes  
  ocean ------------------------no  
  large tree--------------------no  
  small tree--------------------no  
  monuments --------------------yes
  blacksmiths shop--------------yes
  carpenters shop---------------yes
  covienience store-------------yes
  butchers shop-----------------yes
  out houses--------------------yes
  golf courses------------------no
  capital buildings-------------yes
  amusment parks----------------no
  piles of bones----------------no
 whence a minifig may normaly die he may be saved by armour. If the pv or point
value of armour is greater than that of the difference of the opposing melee attacks
the armour saves the minnifig. The pv for different armour is listed here
 type                                    pv
light armour (painted on)       5
removable armor                  10
ninja armor                          15
cape (plastic)                        1
cape (cloth)                          3
neck bracket                         4
normal shield                        5
tower shield                         8
crescent shield                     7
round shield                         5
wooden shield                      3
helmet with visor                 3
all other helmets                  4
hats                                    0
hair                                    0
  @>religion and culture<@
 this section really gets to the finer points of a game and is fairly useless
without having a long campaign or a long standing army. you could of course make up a new
culture and religion for your own purposes but here are some historical or good ones
that make for good armies ,civilizations and games.
 Greeks: warlike people who live in three main city-states, these being Athens,
Sparta and Olympia. Their major gods are zeus, posidon and hades. bonuses for this
culture are monument building and science
  Celts: mystic tribesman whose leaders are druids. A major god is krom.
culture bonuses are: animal control and camouflage. their homeland is Brittan/Germany.
 mesopotamia: homeland is in fertile cressent major gods are _________. culture
bonuses are: chariot riding and irrigation.
 china:home land is china gods are _______________. some bonuses for this culture
are population boom and bushido.
 Roman empire: homeland is Rome a god is zeus/jupiter. civilization bonuses are
conquering and tactics.
  Christian: homeland is Israel. god is god. culture bonuses are mirricles and
  Native American: these are tribal people of the Americas. gods are mother nature
culture bonuses are rain dance and koo
 Norse: vikings are barbaric people of the north gods are loki odin and thor
culture bonuses are ship wrights and Valhalla honor
   obviously there are more but that will be saved for the extremely detailed version of
the rules witch should get here by the time this has sold 100 copies and people have given
me more great ideas to fill it up with
  @>culture bonuses<@
 these are things that yore culture of minifigs are good at or just have the
ability to do for instance if you are in a campaign of Greeks vs Celts the Greeks
could win without a single Celt dying if they built the temple of Delphi or something
like that. of course that is not likely as you would need to quarry bricks then transport
them to the site then put them together.
An example scenario for unimaginative people:
 army one:
 .3 ninjas
 .8 elite foot soldiers
 .1 darklord on steed
 army two:
 .18 vikings
 .1 viking champion
 6 peasants
army one occupies a small fishing village they are being paid one treasure chest full of
100 cp to save it from the viking onslaught. the vikes arrive in a ship and win if they destroy
the 4 statues in the village and kill all the peasants this game will last 15 rounds before
reinforcements arrive and army one wins or loses.

 @>notes from the author<@
 this is a fun game but it is not sponsored
or affiliated with any pbb producing company.especially not Lego. but it is still very fun. I therefore
wish you good luck with your first ever brick battle game if you have any bright ideas
for more scenarios,minifig classes, traps, or optional rules please email me
at also try to keep emails small so my e-mail doesn't crash