The Green Sabre Brigade

Aut Vicere Aut Mori!

The Battle For Emerald Base

This Is the first battle that I've ever finished. Some of the pictures are kind of blurry, but It's still awesome.


We begin with a look at the battlefield:

               The enemy forces:


               The Green Sabre Brigade:



               Captain Nomouth stands atop the tower.


The battle begins:

 The first shot is fired at a wookie hiding in the tree.


 The veteran sniper misses, the shot ricochets back and knocks him unconscious. 

 Another sniper moves up and shoots at the wookie.

 He rolls a double critical success and ends up taking down the whole tree.

 Two more snipers move up in an attempt to shoot down Colonel "Cool" Ethan.


One sniper misses, but the other is more lucky and shoots Ethan's really big gun which consequently decapitates him.

 In an attempt to avenge his fallen comrade, the nearest anti-infantry turret operator fires at Ethan's killer. 

He misses and another sniper moves up to take out the turret.

This sniper gets a lucky shot, he hits the base of the turret, toppling it over and killing the  gunner.

 After peeing himself when Ethan's decapitated corpse fell on top of him, the peachy base control room officer fires the snake-apult.


One snake instantly kills a trooper as another prepares to strike. 


The other men quickly fry the remaining snakes to a crisp. Yummmm...



The battlefield thus far: 


The remaining turret attempts to take out  a trooper or two.

He succeeds and is rewarded with a klone's charred, burning head.

Of course, then his turret is shot down and he almost falls off the ramparts.

Yet another sniper moves forward in order to get a better shot at the wookie standing above the gate.

He hits the wookie square in the chest, impaling his upper half on a comrade ninja's blades.

A robotik commando suddenly appears on the battlefield out of nowhere, perhaps that backpak holds a cloaking device...

 The klone squadron moves forward.

Another wookie runs out in a kamikaze attempt to kill some klones. 

 He succeeds in shooting one of the klone's arms off.

Multiple klones try to shoot the wookie but fail miserably.

Only the commando finally hits the wookie.

The commando proceeds to shoot down a grenadier from atop the wall; he drops a grenade which blows away anything remaining near the base of the wall and the medik that was standing near him.

My hero, Captain Nomouth, stands atop the tower surveying the damage thus far and getting miffed.

He decides to use his telekinetik powers to chuck a waste-receptacle droid at the enemy squadron.

He fails...

Meanwhile, a medik attempts to save the armless klone.




Several moments later the troopers arrive at the front gate and set a time bomb.


The gate is quickly blown in.

One brave trooper runs in and kills a pilot.

The dead pilot's grenade goes off, shattering the window of the control room and killing everyone inside.

Everyone stands still as the smoke clears...

...When suddenly GRIMTHAULD THE DESTROYER appears.

Grimthauld uses his lightning-rod-arm-sword-attack-thing and instantly destroys part of the ramparts and kills the ninja.


Grimthauld prepares to strike again.

 He strikes.

And the base is no more.

 But don't worry, It isn't gone forever...